Michigan OWI 2nd Offense


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If you have been convicted of any drunk driving or drugged driving offense (OWI, Impaired Driving, High BAC “Superdrunk”,) and receive a new drunk or drugged driving offense within seven years, you will be charged with OWI 2nd offense. This changes the game in many ways. First, the penalties are much harsher. Second, the prospect of jail is a great likelihood. Third, plea negotiations are more difficult. Essentially, the stakes are higher and your options aren’t that great. That is why you need an experienced Michigan OWI attorney representing you more than ever.

Penalties of an OWI 2nd Offense

The penalties are far more severe for a second offense OWI. The maximum jail sentence is increased from 93 days to one year, fines doubled from $500 to $1,000, and there is a mandatory vehicle immobilization for 90-180 days unless it is forfeited. The judge could order you to install an ignition interlock device. In addition, you will face six points on your driver’s license, $2,000 in driver’s responsibility fees, and your license plate will be confiscated.

OWI 2nd Offense:

  • Five days to one year in jail
  • Two years probation
  • $1,000 fine plus court costs
  • 30-90 days of community service
  • Six points on your driving record
  • Possible ignition interlock
  • Mandatory vehicle immobilization for 90-180 days, unless forfeited
  • License Plate confiscation
  • Driver’s License revocation for one-year
  • $2,000 in Driver’s Responsibility Fees ($1,000 for two consecutive years)

With most judges, if you are convicted of an OWI second offense, jail is almost a given. How much jail you receive will depend on your judge. An OWI attorney who is experienced with your particular judge will be able to tell you what to expect. Some judges may sentence you to as little as five days, while others will incarcerate you for 45 or 60 days. Sometimes even longer.

Mandatory Driver’s License Revocation

If convicted of a second OWI offense within seven years of the first one, your driver’s license will automatically be revoked. That is a separate penalty that the Secretary of State imposes. The court, the judge, and the prosecutor have no power or authority to change or alter it. That will happen. The bad news is that you don’t automatically get your driver’s license back after a period of time. You will have to wait at least one year and petition the Driver’s Assessment and Appeals Division (DAAD) through the Secretary of State for a hearing. Even if you are successful, you will only get a restricted license with an ignition interlock device. Then you will have to wait another year and petition the DAAD again to have your full driving privileges restored. That is another hurdle that I would advise no one to attempt without an experienced driver’s license restoration attorney. One wrong misstep, one inaccuracy or discrepancy and your petition will be denied. You cannot re-apply until you wait at least one year. Getting convicted of an OWI second offense is serious business.

Sobriety Court

You may be eligible for sobriety court. This is a Michigan specialty court for habitual drunk driving offenders. The admission criterion depends on what jurisdiction or court you are in. Some will only take OWI 3rd offenses (felony drunk driving), while others will accept OWI 2nd offenders. It is a special probationary program that usually lasts anywhere from 12-18 months. The probation is divided into phases and involves a lot of hard work. A lot of hard work. The end result is what makes it worthwhile. The carrot that sobriety court dangles infront of you is a charge reduction. You will plead upfront to the charged offense (OWI 2nd or 3rd) and upon successful completion (at a graduation ceremony nonetheless) you charge will be reduced. Also, with sobriety court you will have a restricted license so you can attend all the necessary court dates, recovering meetings, alcohol and PBT testings, etc. Ask your OWI attorney if sobriety court is an option for you.

Michigan OWI Defense Lawyer

If you are facing an OWI 2nd offense, you need a lawyer who will thoroughly review every aspect of your case. That is how we approach an OWI case. If you are facing an OWI charge contact Austin Legal Services, PLC today at (517) 614-1983 to speak to a Michigan OWI defense lawyer.

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